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Cultural Exchange Fund

Formal appraisal

Every application entered into the Fund database is assigned an identification number. The Applicant receives notice of the granted identification number electronically - the number makes it easier for the Applicant to obtain any information on their application.

Applications are evaluated both formally as substantively. Applications are evaluated by experts at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, and - depending on the special features of the project and where necessary - by external experts. Responsible for the appraisal procedure is the Department of European Funds.

Within 10 working days from the final day of the call for proposal the Operator conducts formal appraisal of the applications and in this way concludes the selection of applications based on formal criteria.

The formal criteria include among other things:

  • enclosing all necessary annexes to the application;
  • proper design of financial engineering;
  • consistence of the amount applied for with the Fund’s guidelines;
  • correctly described period of expenditure eligibility;
  • compliance of eligible costs with the guidelines;
  • meeting by the Beneficiary of the requirements described in the call for applications.

If deficiencies and/or mistakes are found, the Operator requests the Beneficiary to remove the deficiencies or make corrections within 48 hours.

If entire annexes to the application are missing, it will not be possible to furnish them later. Lack of signature(s) of Applicant’s authorized representatives on the grant application will result in the rejection of the application.

The signatures on the application form must be in compliance with the representation rules specified by the National Court Register, or in a relevant document to confirm the method of Applicant representation.

The results of the formal appraisal are communicated to the Applicant in writing by the Operator.

Applications who fail to meet the formal criteria described in the call for applications will be returned to the Applicant. One original copy will remain at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Formal grounds for refusing an application may include:

submitting the application past the submission period;

submitting the application on a wrong format;

submitting an inadequate number of copies;

incompleteness of the application (missing annexes);

failure to demonstrate cooperation with a partner from Donor States;

incorrect financial engineering;

inadequate amount of co-financing - not in compliance with the assumptions of the Fund;

incorrect description of the time period of project eligibility;

incorrect classification of costs into eligible and non-eligible.

An application which fails to meet formal criteria is returned to the Beneficiary within 10 working days from the date of completion of the formal appraisal, stating the grounds for the rejection.