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Cultural Exchange Fund

State aid

Applicants (for legal persons) and entities that designate Applicants (for natural person) are required to submit a declaration on state aid (information on de minimis aid received over the last three years, including a certificate on state aid obtained from the entities which have provided support for the Applicant or information about state aid other than de minimis aid). These declarations are also submitted by the Applicants who have not received such aid.

Under Community law, European courts have given a broad meaning to the term economic operator, which includes any kind of entity carrying out business activity, irrespective of its legal status or sources of funding. The fact that these entities do not seek profit or are run by the State is irrelevant. If they carry out business activities, the awarded grant should be considered under the following four indicators of state aid:

  • aid is granted by the State or from State funds;
  • the business records better gains than in market conditions;
  • the aid is selective (favours specific enterprise(s) or production of specific goods);
can distort or distorts competition, as well as trade between EU member states.