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Cultural Exchange Fund

Eligible costs


Costs will be considered eligible within the Cultural Exchange Fund, if they meet the following conditions:

  • are necessary for the implementation of the activities provided for in the project; are included in the budget estimate annexed to the grant agreement; are reasonable, justified and necessary to perform the activity; comply with the principles of sound financial management, in particular with regard to cost-efficiency;
  • are incurred during the project period defined in the grant agreement;
  • have been actually incurred by the Beneficiary; recorded in the Beneficiary’s books in accordance with any applicable accounting rules; complete, free from errors, and paid in accordance with the requirements of tax law. Furthermore, these costs should be documented with receipted invoices or accounting documents of equivalent probative value;
  • should be identifiable and verifiable, and supported by original documents;
  • be directly related to project implementation and paid up proportionally by project promoters;
  • may not be prohibited under valid legal provisions;
  • be implemented in accordance with the public-procurement legislation.

The start date of project eligibility period is the date of the final decision of the Minister of the Culture and National Heritage on awarding a grant to the project based on recommendation of the Steering Committee for the Selection of Projects for the Cultural Exchange Found.

Detailed expense-eligibility frameworks for individual projects are set out on a one-by-one basis in grant agreements between Beneficiary and the Operator, but the final date of eligibility must not go beyond 31 October 2011.