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Cultural Exchange Fund

Types of projects

Types of projects

Within the thematic areas, the following exemplary types of projects will be implemented:

  • organization of artistic exhibitions, performances, concerts and other artistic events;
  • participation of creators and artists in international artistic events;
  • supporting cooperation and exchange of artists in, among other things, plastic arts, stage arts, music, photography, literature and others;
  • supporting cooperation of schools and academies of arts;
  • cooperation of experts in the area of modern conservation techniques, documentation, protection and promotion of cultural heritage, combating illegal export and import of and trade in masterpieces of culture;
  • cooperation between cultural institutions and archives.

This listing is not complete. Other activities are also possible, provided that they meet the objectives of the Cultural Exchange Fund.

Only "soft"/ i.e. non-investment projects will be eligible for co-financing from the Fund.

The length of the project

The maximum project duration is 24 months, however, there is no minimum period of implementation.

Projects submitted in the 2010 call may not last longer than one year.