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Cultural Exchange Fund

Finding partnerships

Cultural Exchange Fund is devoted to the cooperation between Poland and Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) in the field of culture. The Cultural Exchange Fund will enable the development of contacts in the scope of cultural exchange and the transition of good practices in this area from the Donor States to Poland. For this reason there is necessary condition to establish the partnerships between Polish and Donor-State’s institutions.

The aim of the present site is to help the potential beneficiaries find partners interested in cooperation in the preparation of projects to the Cultural Exchange Fund.

There have been created the database in which all institutions from Poland and Donor States (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) may check in (FINDING PARTNERSHIP heading) in order to make easier the establishment of cooperation.

Having completed a questionnaire in English the given information will be published in database and will be accessible for the potential partners.

Submitting the organization is free of charge. Before submission read Legal notice and Privacy policy. Your input will be forwarded to administrator and after his acceptance published on the website.

Download the following questionnaire and send to msuchecka@mkidn.gov.pl :


Find a partner in the new database!

FINDING PARTNERSHIPS - polish institutions (pdf)
FINDING PARTNERSHIPS - polish institutions (xls)

FINDING PARTNERSHIPS - EEA institutions (pdf)